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Located in the famous manufacturing city- Dongguan ,China, Baolun Computerized Embroidery Machinery Co., LTD  is a specialized manufacturer and exporter for all types of embroidery equipment with a history of  25 years. Since 1996, CBL has been focusing on R& D and manufacturing of computerized embroidery machines in order to constantly meet customer’s demands of high quality and high efficiency. In today’s rapid development of the world economic integration, CBL  is always leading the trend with innovative and competitive products.

We adhere to our slogan “ Embroidery Made Easy” to offer a full range of intelligent embroidery equipment to help our customers handle our equipment in an easy way. CBL intelligent embroidery equipment is decorating the world not only in personal apparel, but also in household, automobile, craftwork decoration and more.

Only when our customers succeed with our value products and service, Can we succeed in our business. We bear in mind our customers ’requests and fulfillment and are working hard to achieve it from day by day.

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ZXB flatbed embroidery machine series

Single head/Two head embroidery machine series

Tubular and Cap embroidery machine series

Flatbed embroidery machine series

Chenille embroidery machine series

Mixed function embroidery machine series

Business Distribution

Baolun Computer Embroidery Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 30 aftersales service center all over the country and overseas, providing customers with a full range of high-quality customer service guarantees.
Product services not only cover sewing and knitting equipment distributors, but also extend to end-user factories.

Business Distribution

Core advantages

CBL high-speed machine has excellent performance for high-quality embroidery, small English letter embroidery, thick material embroidery of shoes and hats, bedding home textiles, lace water-soluble knitting and other thin materials embroidery.

High precision

High precision

A) The embroidery accuracy can reach 0.1mm, which is equivalent to the accuracy of a hair;
B) Embroidery effect-good consistency, 360 symmetry;
C) The frame adopts a full linear suspension design.



A) The service life of the main components of our embroidery machine working 22 hours a day can reach more than 10 years;
B) All cams, silver arms, and rotary shaft sleeves are all oil-free design;
C) All casings, needle bar frames, and hook boxes are all made of No. 108 aluminum alloy.


Efficient and intelligent

Personalized designs such as portrait embroidery, signature embroidery, graffiti embroidery, English embroidery, Chinese embroidery, digital embroidery, etc., free of plate design.

Low wire breakage rate and good stability.

Latest News

two head embroidery machine Wholesale Price tells the knowledge of computerized embroidery machine

two head embroidery machine Wholesale Price tells the knowledge of computerized embroidery machine

Computerized embroidery machine, including a body, a working part, a power box, an embroidery arm and an embroidery frame; the body is provided with a support plate, a vertical rod, a splitter frame, a splitter board, a computer stand and a tablet computer; Embroidery thread channels and needles;
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two head embroidery machine Wholesale Price

two head embroidery machine Wholesale Price

Including the fuselage, the working part, the power box, the embroidery arm and the embroidery frame, the fuselage is provided with a support plate, a vertical rod, a threading frame, a threading board, a computer stand and a tablet computer, and the working part is provided with an embroidery thread channel and Needle; the embroidery frame includes a pair of embroidery rollers that rotate synchronously under the drive of a servo motor, and a retaining ring is installed on the embroidery rollers.
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